Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nothin' But BS


After going an unprecedented 0-4 with his spread picks last week, BobbyStompy -- a glutton for punishment -- is back for league championship week
Alright, a few things about me have changed since last week's apocalypse:
1) Rejoined the sports staff at The Daily Iowan, which ups my title from "fake journalist" to the slightly more prestigious "pseudo journalist"
2) Departed from my winter break used CD store job, which ups my job description from "works with drug dealers" to "blogs with lunatics"
3) Defended potential woman beaters
4) Saw "No Country For Old Men", "There Will Be Blood", and "Cloverfield" in a four-day span, and if I've learned anything from these movies, it's that bad things always happen always

Let's pick 'em -- I've gotta get my head above water...

Chargers (+14) over PATRIOTS

Quick side note: I always thought everybody hated the Patriots except me and all the Massholes, but today's poll on was really shocking:

If you aren't a natural Patriots fan, what is the result you are rooting for?

Pats lose in AFC C.G. (27%)
Pats lose in SB XLII (27%)
Pats win SB XLII, go 19-0 (44%)

Votes so far: 616
The majority? Really? Maybe I read too many Deadspin commenters.

After New England beat the Bills by 46 in Week 11, its only covered the spread once (Week 14 against the Steelers) since then.

I look at this game and get a Pats-taking-an-early-lead vibe, followed by spirited attempts by San Diego to get itself back into the game. What I'm saying is, if the Patriots are up by something nice like 17 in the fourth quarter, the defense isn't going to have to pull out all the stops while Rivers or Volek is running a no-huddle two minute drill against a prevent. And remember, screw job covers count just as much as legit covers.

PACKERS (-7) over Giants

This line feels too low.

Don't get me wrong, I like this Giants team, I like that they're sticking it to Tiki Barber, I like that Eli is slowly morphing into the unlikely hero, I like the heart that cornerback Aaron Ross played with when his shoulder quit on him, and I loved their game plan against the Cowboys last week.

But a new week brings new challenges, and its very easy to see the Packers not only winning, but totally steamrolling New York in the process. That cold Wisconsin night is going to be brutal.

* * *

Oh, and for all of you who hate me and my Patriots, I hope it brings you some solace to know that the Daily Iowan sports section meeting is at 2PM Sunday, which all but exactly coincides with Pats-Bolts kick-off.

Oh, oh, and a respectful "He Gone" to the late chess champion Bobby Fischer. I imagine if a TUP post was written about him, it would say something like "Life checkmates Bobby Fischer". It's too bad we're not in the business of chess player obits.

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Anonymous tony said...

hey i saw No country for old men and clover field too. i really liked No Country for Old Men but i thought Cloverfield was basically godzilla with lesser known actors. how was there will be blood?

5:08 PM  

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