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Pipe Down, LDT


bitches about the Chargers, everyone else wonders why he doesn't just appreciate the Patriots' Super Bowl birth

A lot of people hate the New England Patriots. I get that. A lot of people seem to hate the San Diego Chargers, too. I get that. But what I fail to understand is how LaDainian Tomlinson -- or as I like to call him, "No Gain" LaDain -- gets a pass from most Charger haters. You usually here stuff like, "yeah Rivers and Merriman are so cocky, but LT is a class act." Are you kidding me?

Listen, I know the Patriots have their fair share of bastards (Rodney Harrison comes to mind), and I also feel very unqualified to assess Chargers center Nick Hardwick's venomous statements about Patriot DT Richard Seymour, who I always thought was a nice guy. Hey, I'm not in the trenches, I have no idea what goes on. It's pretty hard to say. But while I don't see everything that goes on between defensive and offensive linemen, it was pretty hard to miss what was happening on the San Diego sideline this past Sunday.

After re-injuring himself early on in the AFC Championship, LDT presumably pouted on the bench for pretty much the entire game. I say presumably because you can't see a damn thing behind that visor of his. For all we know, he paid a body double to sit out in the cold while he watched the game in a locker room hot tub.

This post at the Jack Bauer of SEO sums up my sentiment perfectly (via Deadspin):
And my biggest problem is with LT. He just sat on the bench all day feeling sorry for himself. Hey, aren't you supposed to be a leader on that team? Get your butt up and cheer your teammates on, offer advice and help to Turner and Sproiles. Do something! I watched Sam Madison last week in street clothes offer everything he could to his teammates but LT sits on the bench behind his visor and says nothing and does nothing. Just sits and watch. I guess he was just feeling sorry for himself because he couldn't play.
What's worse is his comments after the AFC divisional playoff loss last year. He says a few Patriots dancing on the Chargers logo is a reflection of the classlessness of Bill Belichick? Please. Belichick might not be a saint, but he can't control how his players celebrate. The whole thing came off as sour grapes to me.

My favorite part of his post-game from last year was when, in an incredibly serious tone, he said:

When you go to the middle of our field, when you start doing the dance that Shawne Merriman is known for, that's disrespectful to me

Oh, really, LaDain? Was it disrespectful to you when Antonio Cromartie picked off a Tom Brady pass in the end zone and mocked the celebration that Randy Moss is known for? Or did you not see that play because you were sulking on the bench? Give me a break.

When Cromartie mocked Moss, I thought it was funny, even as a Pats fan. Though I'm still a little confused why no one -- mainstream or blogs -- has touched on Cromartie punking Randy. But whatever. It kind of reminded me of when TO danced like Ray Lewis as a touchdown celebration a few years ago. If, as a professional athlete, you have the audacity to create a celebration or dance that is specifically yours, you have to be ready for someone to mock it at some point. It's the way of the world.

Hopefully, NFL player ever does the "Hand On Head Ball Flip" (pictured above) that LDT is known for. After all, there would be hell to pay.

Bottom line: I'm not saying LDT is a bad guy, I'm just saying he's equally insane as the rest of his crazy ass team.

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Anonymous tony said...

dude, this is one of your best articles yet.

i don't really like the chargers, but i found myself always giving LT a pass because he's pretty good. but i really don't care for him anymore. i think this whole season he has gotten real slow. my theory about LT is that a lot of people found out last year how good he really was and started offering him television commercials; and after LT started doing commercials he got cocky and did not really train in the offseason and the end result was this year he looked fat and slow(er). LT has to realize that the spectators are not going to consider him so great if the only win in the playoffs the chargers have had since he's been on the team, was when he did not play.

8:09 PM  

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